Convert PNG to SVG

Convert PNG to SVG

Question: How can i resize the png icons i have into svg icons and zoom it to an unlimited size like the all of the svg format graphics, I've tried converting with adobe illustrator but when i open the svg and zoom it the icon or picture gets blurred, and also how can i shrink the size of icons like the sizes of carbide.ui icons, they only take up bytes in space, I'm currently battling to find a svg graphics software that would be ideal for that, please advise me...

To solve the above problem, the easiest way is to find a PNG to SVG Converter to help you to convert PNG to SVG files. PNG is bitmap image format and SVG is vector graphic image format. You cannot simply convert between bitmap images and vector graphic, so a PNG to SVG conversion tool is necessary. The way to distinct between them is that when you resize bitmap image it is distorted, when you resize vector graphic it is not.

Right on. There are probably do some kind of PNG to SVG format converters, and we do try our best to choose the best one for you to convert PNG to SVG files. The questions like "Where downloading svg utilities ?" is unnecessary because we supply the free download of this PNG to SVG converter here. Just to free download it and have a try.

How to Convert PNG to SVG

To convert PNG to SVG format, you need two tools to help you. The PNG to DWG Converter and the DWG to SVG COnverter.

1 Convert PNG to DWG:

Free download the PNG to DWG converter, install and run it on your computer, the main interface will be shown as follow. And you can follow the easy way to convert your PNG files to DWG format.

1> Add the PNG files you want to convert by clicking the "Browse" button on the right top.

2> Set the output parameters like Line Type, Image background, output format DWG/DXF files and its versions.

3> Define the output path as you like.

3> Click the "Convert" to begin to convert PNG to DWG now, and several minutes later you will get the DWG files.

2 Convert DWG to SVG:

Almost the same as above, download the DWG to SVG Converter, install and run. The main interface will pop up as below.

1> You can click the "File - Batch Transform" to open the batch transform window. Then click the add file buttons to add the DWG files or folder you convert just now to the program.

2> Define the output folder and choose the output format as the SVG format.

3> Set other parameters like the output layouts, rescale or resize values, set watermarks, hidden line removal option, etc.

4> After all the above settings, you can click the "Start" button to begin to convert to the SVG files.

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