JPG to SVG Converter

JPG to SVG Converter

For web developers, converting from jpg to svg means that you can embed them directly into a xml file without an external link and the SVG file is also very small. But how to do that? If you have learned more about the JPG to SVG conversion and want to do your web develpment better, a JPG to SVG Converter will help you a lot. The JPG to SVG Converter is really a handful tool to help you to convert JPG to SVG files.

If you are taking in desktop publishing to the web, there will be a challenge for encountering lots formats of image files no matter your are working at home, as a small business or an employee for a larger graphic design company. You may get client design and meet the main challenge comes from working with several types of graphics and text files.

Two types of files that are often worked with and often in need of file conversion are that of JPG and SVG files. So the conversion of JPG to SVG conversion is very necessary. For this, the JPG to SVG Converter hit the market which will help you to convert JPG to SVG without any quality loss.

How to Convert JPG to SVG:

Free download the JPG to SVG Converter which includes two parts: jpg to dwg and dwg to svg. Download them and install them on your computer.

1 Convert JPG to DWG:
Run the first part of JPG to SVG Converter as follow. Click the browse button on the top right to add the image files you want. Set the output parameters like line type, image background, DWG/DXF and its versions. Appoint the output folder and define the output file name. Click "Convert" to accomplish the JPG to DWG conversion.

2 Convert DWG to SVG:
The same as above, run the the second part of the JPG to SVG Converter. In the pop up window click the "Batch Convert" on the top menu then "DWG/DXF ->SVG" option to open the below window.

1> Click the Add File button to add the DWG files you converted above.

2> Define the output folder for the converted files.

3> Set other parameter in the middle of the window in order to get the SVG files as you want.

4> After all the above settings, click the "Start" button at the right bottom to begin the conversion.

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